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PSL Fantasy League isn’t working! But the management has different plans with a different website!

1st of all, if you want to change your team, the you can do it here.

Lets look into the whole fiasco. Pakistan Super League, is a period where all cricket fans come together to make fun of each other. Memes aplenty, people troll each other over team royalties. Another way of increasing interest and engagement is having a fantasy league. Almost all international leagues have parallel online leagues, where fans select 11s on a budget, and the winner gets some big prize. PSL is no different than any of these leagues.

Personally, I was also playing the league and doing quite well. It had built quite a loyal audience. From just memory, over 65000 people had registered on the app. Suddenly, on Friday night, days before PSL ends, thousands weren’t able to use the application. The go to method, is to complain on social media. After many had posted online, the official page of this league posted that Pakistan telecom authority had banned this app and website. What makes it absurd is that PTA hasn’t provided any reason for this ban.

As the PSL goes into the final stage, league toppers would be really disappointed as their month long hard work completely goes to waste. I have personally, written to PTA asking for the reason of blockage. There were some murmurs that the league owners may have done it on their own, but it is highly unlikely. Why would they accuse PTA? They could have said it’s a server error or some internal glitch. Its shocking that in this day and age, communication channels in Pakistan are monitored in this manner, and authorities can they as they please. If there was something wrong with respect to protocol being followed, tax evasion etc. how were the operational for almost a month?

Quetta’s punt on Rahat Ali is paying off

I am afraid I will never get these answer because our society is essentially unjust and the powerful are unaccountable.

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