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PTA asks internet users to register VPNs by June 30

Internet users across Pakistan are required to register Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with the telecom authorities till June 30 to ensure encryption, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued the deadline on social media and in newspaper advertisements.

According to the details, internet users in Pakistan will be unable to browse the web without registering VPN with the agency, otherwise their IP addresses will have blacklisted.

The PTA has invited customers using VPNs to access the internet to register with their service providers.

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Virtual Private Networks allow internet users to connect to any web across the world invisibly, meaning that they can access the platforms that has banned and send their emails without fear of government interruption.

As per the telecommunication authority, the exercise is being undertaken “to promote legal ICT services/business in Pakistan and safety of telecom users”.

The telecom authority said, “As per applicable rules and regulations, appropriate registration is required from PTA for any mode of communication in which communication becomes hidden or encrypted”.

PTA added that the advertisement is issued by the authority considering the clause 6 of Monitoring and Reconciliation of Telephony Traffic Regulations (MRITT), 2010.

The regulation under MRITT mandates the monitoring and blocking of any website in Pakistan. This includes all encrypted VoIP services.

Under MRITT, the PTA said, it was only taking action against those using VoIP and VPNs for dismissing illegal traffic, causing loss to the national exchequer.

Authentic users can list their VPNs through their service providers by filling two forms, including undertaking and by providing basic documentation, without any charges, the PTA told.

The deadline for the registration of VPN has been set as June 30.

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