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Punjab’s Information and Culture Minister bans ‘vulgar’ film posters and faces backlash for mocking female stage artists.

Newly appointed Punjab Information and Culture Minister Fayyazul Hassan Chohan has ordered to put ban on “vulgar” and “indecent” film posters displayed inside and outside cinema houses throughout Panjab. The official notification includes the statement, necessary action be taken for the removal of vulgar/indecent film signboards under Indecent Advertisement Probation Act 1993 and Punjab Motion Picture Ordinance 1979″.

The official notification was also shared on the Minister’s twitter account.

Provincial minister also declared that, “If any vulgar poster goes up in or outside a cinema house in Punjab, there will first be a fine and if they continue the practice, the cinema will be shut down.”

Prior to issuing such notification, the Punjab Information and culture Minister Chohan while addressing at a public event also used derogatory remarks against Pakistani female stage artists. The clip of that address is being circulated on media, which has caused an outrage in various social circles.

“A strange youthfulness has taken over cinema houses. Is this civilized? That you print out pictures of half-naked women and put up huge posters of them? People watch porn for that (kind of entertainment)”, quoted Fayyazul Hassan Chohan in his address.

He also mentioned two Pakistani stage artists Nargis and Megha. Both of them have hit back for the remarks made against them. Though the provincial minister has issued an apology for his comments made on female artists.

While talking to local news channel Nargis said that, “I left the entertainment industry a long time ago and am happily settled in my home. Neither I discuss others, nor do I want people to discuss me”.

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