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Results of all 246 union councils of Karachi will be prepared by evening, EC Sindh

The results of all 246 union councils of Karachi will be prepared by evening, said the Election Commissioner Sindh on Monday.

Election Commissioner Sindh Ejaz Anwar Chauhan has responded to the criticism of the political parties regarding the delay in the results of the second phase of local body elections in Sindh, saying that it is a complicated process, it takes a lot of time, but by the evening results of all 246 union councils of Karachi will be released.

Read the latest unofficial and unconfirmed results from Karachi, Hyderabad

While addressing a press conference in Karachi, he said that polling was held in 16 districts in the second phase of local body elections, which included 7 districts of Karachi Division and 9 districts of Hyderabad Division, including 3600 constituencies, only within Karachi.

There are 246 union committees, within each union committee there are 5 constituencies with 4 wards and a panel of chairman and vice-chairman, he added.

He said that in this way, the total number of constituencies in Karachi alone is becoming 1230, and for this, we have appointed 7 district officers.

57 returning officers were appointed in Karachi, these returning officers belong to various government institutions, he added.

He said that holding the local government election is a big exercise, there are many problems and challenges in the election, and the Election Commission fulfilled its constitutional responsibility in a good manner.

Ejaz Anwar Chauhan said that people inside many polling stations voted till 6 and 7 pm, after which the counting started after which forms 11 and 12 were made, each RO has 5 to 6 union committees. Forms had to be made for all of them, which took time, all the officers have prepared all the forms by morning and brought them to the RO.

He said that a total of 4 thousand 990 polling stations were built in Karachi, and the results of all these polling stations have reached the RO, currently, the process of preparation of the final results is going on which will be released today.

He said that I want to make it clear that the Election Commission has made a strict system to monitor the election process and staff and if any officer commits any negligence, strict action will be taken against him, I can say with certainty. That no officer has committed any negligence but if any responsible person is found guilty of any kind of negligence then strict action will be taken against him.

Election Commissioner Sindh said that at present all the results are with ROs, they are compiling the results, and the result of all 246 union councils will be ready by evening.

He said that the results will be released as soon as possible.





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