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Sajid Hassan opens up about his ordeal after a hair transplant

Medical malpractice is a huge problem in Pakistan. The sheer negligence of doctors and sidelining the morals and ethics of medicine can be fatal in many cases. The veteran actor Sajid Hassan, himself uploaded his video and pictures explaining his post hair transplant, surgery trauma. Without mentioning the doctor’s name he briefly defined the ordeal he and his family went through. Since then, the uploaded video has gone viral on internet.

Sajid Hassan has been suffering from a scalp wound inflicted by a surgeon during hair transplant. He tells in the video that the surgeon was his acquaintance who was persuading him to get transplant for last 9 years. Without getting into details of the procedure he opted to go for surgery, since not having any proper knowledge about the tests which are to be carried before.

Sajid Hassan shares that he fell ill the next day after the surgery, “For 10-15 days, I was in bed with a fever and infection and the doctor just kept assuring me that I’ll get better.” He further reveals that the doctor would only cleanse his scalp with saline water when we would go in for check-ups.

He says he and his family has suffered a lot, he also lost some work being very sick for two months. He explains the reason for the making this, ”Through this video, I want to raise awareness about the importance of research. Everyone should check 10 times before undergoing a procedure and opt for the right surgeon.”
People have been pouring in their concerns and prayers after watching the video.

Whole thing has been explained in his words, the video does not come with any viewer discretion advised. For some people the images can be disturbing. But it comes with the message to be careful and gain full knowledge of any medical procedure, not to fall into hands of quacks. There is also need to seek assistance if such incompetent medial practitioner can be sued for their negligence.

Saman Siddiqui

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