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Sanghar wounded camel shifted to NGO’s animal shelter in Karachi

Animal shelter NGO is working on getting the animal an artificial leg

Sanghar’s wounded camel has been shifted to an NGO’s animal shelter in Karachi.

The development comes after authorities took notice of the gruesome incident wherein an influential landlord allegedly amputated a camel’s leg.

As reported, the injured animal will remain with a non-profit organisation permanently.

“The camel was shifted to Karachi on Saturday and will be fitted with an artificial leg,” Sanghar Deputy Commissioner Imran ul Hassan Khawaja said while addressing a press conference on Sunday.

He also said that the wounded camel would also get an artificial leg.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Ijaz,  the law enforcers have arrested five people in connection with the animal abuse of which two people have confessed to the crime.

Meanwhile, Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori has announced to give two camels to the person whose animal was injured.

Director CDRS Benji Project Sarah Jahangir, whose organisation is currently hosting the wounded animal at its Karachi shelter, while Speaking to Geo News said that the condition of the camel is now stable.

“Her cut-off leg has been treated and the point is right now to keep her comfortable whilst we work with professionals to get her a prosthetic leg arranged,” she said.

Jahangir noted that though they receive animal abuse cases involving mostly cats and dogs, she hasn’t witnessed something this bad.

“We have worked with abused donkeys, but nothing ever this terrible. This is a whole different level of evil,” she said.

Commenting on the future of the camel, the official said that the animal would stay with them permanently and there are no plans to return it to the owner as the injured mammal will be disabled for the rest of her life and the owner is not equipped to manage that.

While lauding the rescue efforts of Shazia Marri and others for reaching out to the Benji project’s team, she added that they are working on getting the animal an artificial leg and will make sure that it will stay with them in a safe and comfortable environment.

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