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Senior Journalist Hamid Mir put off air from Geo News, reports

Senior Journalist Hamid Mir is reported to be put off air from Geo News, it emerges on Monday.

As being reported the recent remarks by the senior journalist after the attack on fellow journalist Asad Toor become the reason for this decision.

Hamid Mir’s hard-hitting comment at a recent rally in support of journalist Asad Toor had raised many eyebrows, sources claim.

A number of Pakistani journalists have raised their voices in support of Hamid Mir, to which he has also responded.

“Nothing new for me. I was banned twice in the past. Lost jobs twice. Survived assassination attempts but cannot stop raising voice for the rights given in the constitution. This time I m ready for any consequences and ready to go to any extent because they are threatening my family,” Hamid Mir said in a tweet.

Here is how social media in Pakistan reacting to the news:

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