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Serving military officer sues Adil Raja in the UK over a separate set of allegations

A serving military officer has sued the controversial YouTuber, Adil Raja, in the UK over a separate set of allegations.

As reported, a suit was filed with the UK High Court against Mr. Raja in August 2022 but was made public on Tuesday as Mr. Raja stirred controversy in Pakistan over his allegations targeting leading film and TV actresses.

According to Geo News, on 19 June 2022, Adil Raja alleged there was election manipulation and that “allegedly ISI Sector Commander Punjab had several meetings with Asif Ali Zardari during the latter’s current stay at Lahore”.

The ISI officer’s representatives told the UK High Court that Mr. Raja “conducted a determined and prolific social media campaign against the Claimant publishing very many Tweets and videos, many of which are seriously defamatory of the Claimant, and all of which, by reason of their content, tone, and frequency, have caused the Claimant serious harm”.

Adil Raja, known for lying and spreading fake news through his vlogs, started a character assassination campaign against Pakistan’s top actresses and models earlier this week.

He made an outrageous claim that Pakistan’s models and actresses have been used by the country’s intelligence agencies as bait to record scandalous videos of politicians.

Adil Raja who claims to be a retired major did not name any artists but he used their initials as MK, MH, KK, and SA.

However, following Adil Raja’s vlog, his supporters started sharing pictures of Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Sajal Ali, and Kubra Khan on social media timelines.

Actress Kubra Khan, Sajal Aly, and Mehwish Hayat have responded to the character assassination claims made by Adil Raja.

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