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Shireen Mazari Determined to Get Justice for Zohra Shah

In the latest briefing on the Zohra Shah case at Judicial Complex, Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari has reiterated that the justice for minor house help is of utmost priority in addition to ensuring that the laws of child labor are fully implemented.

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“The Zohra Shah torture and murder case is a very important one for us. It’s a test case,” said Mazari while adding that her goal was to bring Zohra’s culprits to the deserved end.

While talking to the media, the Human Rights Minister also maintained that while laws on child labor are present and not flawed, it’s the implementation that requires efforts.

It was back in June when, the 8-year old minor house help accidentally freed two expensive parrots of her employer Hassan Siddiqui, who was beaten to death by him.



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