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Siberia’s temperature plunges to a record -62°C

Brr, it's not just cold its freezing!

Siberia’s temperature plunged to minus 62°C two days ago!

This is the lowest temperature recorded in two decades.

The far-northern town of Zhilinda recorded a bone-rattling minus-62.1° Celsius on Tuesday, reports said.

The January 10 temperature in Zhilinda, home to less than 1,000 people, a 20-year low in Siberia.

This is Siberia’s coldest temperature since at least 2002 and usurps Dzlalinda’s January record of 62C set in 1942 (for ref, the all-time low of -64C was registered here back in the 1880s).

While a fierce -60.3C (-76.5F) was logged in nearby Olenek, which is the locale’s first -60C since 1969, and its coldest reading since at least 1959.

Elsewhere, -59.8C (-75.6F) was recorded in Suhana, -59.7C (-75.5F) in Delyankir, and -59.5C (-75.1F) in Oymyakon.

As reported, extreme cold is expected to focus over the eastern half of Russia over the next few days, gradually shifting eastward through the weekend.

While the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth is a jaw-dropping -89.2° Celsius that was recorded on July 21, 1983, in Vostok, Antarctica.

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