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FIA blocks over 100 social media accounts over ‘anti-state’ activities

Over 100 social media accounts are reported to have been blocked over ‘anti-state’ activities in Pakistan.

As reported, so far, 106 social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have been blocked by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for promoting sectarianism, anti-sta­­te, terrorist, and anti-Islam activities, at the request of the capital police.

So far, the unit had recommended blocking 203 accounts — 164 on Twitter, 38 on Facebook, and one on YouTube, of which 106 had been blocked by now, the officers told the news publication.

According to the police source, the step was taken in response to the findings of the Provisional of Violent Extremism Unit (PVE) of the capital police’s Counter­terrorism Dep­art­ment (CTD).

“The PVE is monitoring the individual’s social media accounts involved in different illegal activities, including sectarianism, anti-state, terrorism, and anti-Islam,” the police source added.

As reported, separate requests were sent to the FIA by the Counter­terrorism Dep­art­ment for the closure of each account with the details, along with screenshots of illegal activities.


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