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Tosha Khana Scandal: Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi retained all 112 gifts worth Rs142.02 million

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi retained all the 112 gifts worth Rs142.02 million from the Tosha Khana of the government of Pakistan by paying less than four caror rupees only, a report by Fact Focus investigations reveals.

  • One watch (Graff) was valued at Rs85,000,000; Pair of cuff links was Rs5.67 million; one pen was Rs1.5 million; one Ring was Rs8.75 million received on 18-09-2018. For these former PM Khan paid Rs20,278 million to retain these items.
  • One watch Rolex value Rs3.8 million was retained after paying Rs754000 and another Rolex watch worth Rs1.5 million received on 1-10-2018 was retained after depositing Rs294000 in the national kitty.
  • 2 kg Oud Rs200000, two bottles of Attar Rs1,80,000; One Tasbeeh (Mouward) Rs1,30,000 received on 19-06-2019. Former PM Imran Khan paid Rs2,40,000 to retain these items.
  • One watch worth Rs1900000 was received on 26-12-2019 and was retained against payment of Rs9,35,000.
  • Begum PM Pakistan on 21-05-2021 received a necklace Rs1,35,9000; ear rings Rs2,75,000; ring Rs2,25,000; bracelet Rs40,00,000. Bushra BiBi has retained all this against Rs2,914,500.
  • Olive oil and coffee worth Rs104000 and Ajwa date worth Rs17,000 were received on 15-11-2021 and were retained for Rs1,93,000.

The details have been revealed by the Fact Focus investigations claiming the former PM and the first lady had retained everything that was gifted to them by different states.

The report alleges that Imran and Bushra retained seven Rolex watches, multiple necklaces, bracelets, rings, multiple diamond chains, gold pens, and dinner sets by paying little amounts of money.

The report referring to Cabinet Divisions documents, claims that Mr. Khan paid a total of Rs38.17 million against the gifts retained worth Rs142.0421 million.

While Imran Khan is alleged of retaining gifts worth Rs800,200 for free.

The investigation report has published a list that features detail about every single item gifted to former PM Imran Khan and his wife.

List of some of the gifted items:

  • One pair of cufflinks worth Rs. 5,670,000.
  • Five Rolex watches
  • A table mat worth Rs. 30,000
  • Wall hanging worth Rs. 15,000
  • One locket with chain (Gold+Diamond) worth Rs. 269,350
  • Carpet worth Rs. 22,000
  • 2 kg Oud Rs200000
  • Two bottles of Attar Rs1,80,000
  • One Tasbeeh (Mouward) Rs1,30,000

The listed details of Tosha Khana gifts are as follows:


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The report claims that Imran Khan did not mention any of the retained Tosha Khana gifts in his returns filed for the financial years 2018-19, 2019-20, and 2020-21.

While Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi did not file any return during the said period.

The report reveals that as a matter of fact, Bushra Bibi has never filed a return in her entire life and she only got herself registered with the tax authorities of Pakistan in July 2021.


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