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Toshakhana Case: Court rejects Imran Khan’s plea seeking suspension of arrest warrant

Islamabad court on Thursday rejected Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s plea seeking the suspension of non-bailable arrest warrants issued in the Toshakhana case.

Additional District and Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal presided over today’s hearing where PTI chief Imran Khan’s counsel provided the court with two options either to suspend the issued warrants or issue bailable arrest warrants.

The development comes a day after PTI approached the Islamabad High Court (IHC) requesting it to suspend Imran Khan’s non-bailable arrest warrants in the Toshakhana case, however, the IHC directed the deposed prime minister’s counsel to move the trial court as the order for his arrest was “in line with the law”.

At the beginning of the hearing, the judge remarked that the decision of the Islamabad High Court has not yet been received by the Sessions Court through the judicial process. Should? The problem can be solved in a second, where is Imran Khan? Where has Imran Khan personally appeared in court? Where is the concept of undertaking?

Lawyer Khawaja Haris said that it is necessary to arrest Imran Khan and bring him to court. The judge remarked that we want Imran Khan to come to court, why is Imran Khan not coming? what is the reason? According to the law, Imran Khan has to cooperate with the police, not resist, Imran Khan has not to make a scene by resisting.

The judge remarked that if there were bailable warrants, there would be no problem, the warrants are non-bailable, the arguments you are giving are in accordance with the bailable warrants of arrest, and the case has been short-circuited Islamabad High Court. The judgment also states that the order should not be affected by illegal action.

Khawaja Haris said that the shorty is present here, and he is giving an undertaking, that is necessary to keep the non-bailable arrest warrant of Imran Khan to continue, the judge remarked that the arrest warrant is for the appearance of Imran Khan in his personal capacity. Lawyer Khawaja Haris said that Imran Khan himself is saying that I want to come to court, Imran Khan is not asking for immunity, he wants to come to court.

Lawyer Khawaja Haris said that there is a need for a non-bailable arrest warrant at this time. You have two options, the petitioner wants to come, the first option is to cancel the non-bailable warrant by accepting the undertaking request, and the second option is to issue a bailable arrest warrant by taking the shorty, Imran Khan wants to give the undertaking that will appear in the Sessions Court on 18th March.

The judge remarked that it has become the most expensive warrant in the world, crores of rupees have been put behind this warrant, Khawaja Haris said that it would have been better if the warrant had been executed, the judge remarked that how could the warrant be executed in a non-bailable warrant. The court said that what happened should not have happened, lawyer Khawaja Haris said I believe what you are saying is that it should not have happened.

Imran Khan’s lawyer Khawaja Haris requested to suspend the arrest warrant, on which the judge said that he will also give a notice to the Election Commission. Why is the situation in Lahore Zaman Park bad? Lawyer Khawaja Haris said that the government is targeting political revenge, arrests have taken place, rape has taken place, and what is happening in Zaman Park should not have happened.

Khawaja Haris said that there have been more than three incidents in which incidents of violence took place, and cases were filed against people, the court said that if Imran Khan surrenders in the court now, then I will stop the IG from arresting him.

Judge remarked that according to the law, Imran Khan had to be brought directly to the court, and it is not possible to harass Imran Khan during a court appearance.

The court said that Section 91 has been violated and these warrants have been issued under Section 93.

Imran Khan’s lawyers submitted the original undertaking in the court, and the judge remarked that it is a poor country, crores of rupees were spent on warrants which were not needed, and what would be the change in Imran Khan’s non-bailable warrant.

Lawyer Khawaja Haris pleaded that Imran Khan is giving an undertaking, to suspend the warrant, the court said that the date on the warrant does not mean that action is to be taken on the same day, the date given on the warrant means an hour earlier or earlier. Whenever the servant is caught and brought to court.

The judge remarked that arrest warrants were issued according to law, why was there resistance? People have money, and more peaceful protests would have been done.

Lawyer Khawaja Haris said that a case should be filed against the government for wasting crores of rupees. The accused appear before the court and the warrant expires.

The judge remarked that it is not like the date of the warrant is March 18 and the police sit on their hands, lawyer Khawaja Haris said that there is no need to issue an arrest warrant after the undertaking, it is raining, the judge remarked that the secretariat I ask the police and the Election Commission to issue a notice, lawyer Khawaja Haris said that there is no need to issue an arrest warrant after the undertaking.

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