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Two Kashmiris dry-fruit seller thrashed by extremists in India

While Pakistan is making all efforts to make peace prevail in the region, the other side of border, the neighboring state, India has nothing to do except spread  hatred. The disgraceful behaviour of their government, army, media and people as a whole is now being questioned by international media, with BJP being blamed for spreading fake news to meet its agenda.

An extremely shocking video of Indian state of Uttar Pradesh’ capital Lucknow is doing rounds on social media where a group of men belonging to a fringe right-wing group thrashing two innocent dry-fruit seller Kashmiris on Wednesday with the only reason that they were Kashmiris. The Kashmiri dry- fruit sellers were being abused and beaten by the extremist men in saffron shirts.

The video was shared by an Indian journalist, Prashant Kumar on his Twitter handle that went viral on social media. The passers-by, in the video, can be seen trying to stop the attackers from beating the innocents.

As reported, one of the attackers is a former BJP politician and a member of Vishwa Hindu Parishad  who proudly shared videos and photos on his social media account boasting about thrashing Kashmiris. While the other one is a member of Vishwa Hindu Dal, went live on Facebook with a video of them thrashing the Kashmiri men.

Meanwhile, as a reaction, the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah vowed against the assault and tweeted Indian premiere Narendra Modi .

“Dear PM @narendramodi Sahib, this is what you had spoken against & yet it continues unabated. This is the state governed by your handpicked Chief Minister,” said Abdullah. “Can we expect action in this case or do we file your concern & assurances as a jumla, meant to placate but nothing more?” he said.


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