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Two PIA planes escape mid-air collision near UAE airspace

ATC had cleared the altitude for two airliners to fly at the same time

PIA planes escapePIA planes escape mid-air collision | OyeYeah News

Two PIA planes have escaped mid-air collision near UAE airspace!

As reported, two national flag carriers flying on the same route avoided a mid-air collision in Iranian airspace on Sunday.

Both the PIA planes are reported to be flying at the same altitude near the United Arab Emirates (UAE) border when they witnessed an extraordinary situation that could have resulted in a major air accident.

It could have been a disaster due to the alleged negligence of the Iranian air traffic control (ATC).

Reportedly, ATC had cleared the altitude for two airliners to fly at the same time while the aircraft’s TCAS corrected the course for both the planes and automatically guided them.

As per the news source, “a PIA Boeing 777 was en route Dubai from Islamabad while the other, Airbus A320, was flying from Doha to Peshawar, with Captain Athar Haroon and Captain Samiullah in the driving seat.”

“PIA is writing to the Iranian air traffic control (ATC) to investigate as the Iranian ATC instructed the plane, but it was wrong,” the publication quoted a PIA spokesman.

The spokesperson added that PIA flight PK-211, a Boeing 777 from Islamabad to Dubai, was maintaining a 35,000-foot altitude when it came close to Peshawar-bound flight PK-268 of Airbus A320 from Doha.

PK-268 flight was flying at an altitude of 36,000 feet and was cleared to descend to 20,000 feet, he said.

The descent would have come in the flight path of PIA flight of Boeing 777 PK-211, the spokesman added.

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