Umair Jaswal Surprises Fan by Doing Something Special!

A very special moment for this fan and for Umair as well.


A viral video floats around the powerhouse singer, Umair Jaswal meeting his fan behind the scenes while recording for Coke Studio. A very precious moment captured of someone who can easily be categorized as Umair’s number 1 fan. The fan is shocked, overwhelmed and just on top of the world to finally meet the man himself.

The fan named Saba, who was helping out behind the scenes for Coke Studio by providing the artists with tea, snacks and other beverages would persistently ask about when Umair would come. She would wait every single day throughout the recording time just to see her star performer. Once Umair heard the news from a friend that a fan was eagerly waiting to run into him. He thought he should do something special for her.

Umair is one of the few Rockstars who loves spending time with his fans and he loves making them feel special. He is very open when it comes to meeting fans and spending time with them. “It makes me happy to see people happy and to make them smile. I always take care of people who take care of other people.” he stated.

This precious moment of Umair’s kindness towards fans was captured on camera and it went viral! He decided that because she was one of the people who would often serve tea to artists, he would sit her down and serve her tea for a change. How cool is that?! So, he decided to surprise her in the catering area/lounge backstage. She saw him and was completely shocked, excited and could barely hold back her tears. Then he sat her down, gave her tea and joined her for a chat. “I thought I was dreaming, he looked better than I could ever imagine! It felt so good to see him, I couldn’t believe he was making tea for me.” – Saba stated.

A very special moment for this fan and for Umair as well.

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