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Umera Ahmed’s novel and upcoming drama, “Alif” released as Pakistan’s first ever Urdu fiction audio book

As it was reported earlier, drama serial, Alif, written by Umera Ahmed went on shoot a few weeks ago. Being a Group M initiative, several other projects related to it were told be in pipe line. And finally here comes the surprise that Umera’s novel “Alif” has been released in form of an audio book. Making it Pakistan’s first ever audio book. Initially its first part is released and other parts will soon be available.

This is Pakistan’s first Urdu Fictions first audio book, which is being released before the book in published form. This is a major step towards digitally evolving publication industry in Pakistan, a major one indeed for Pakistani literature. It is not just a novel or book, Umera has taken this step for one of her most close to heart pieces of work. She is making a comeback after 4 years with the serial. Alif, which has star studded casts and one of big ones already.

The story plot of the novel “Alif” sounds very promising, as Umera Ahmed exclusively shares few details with OY. The novel is based on 8 chapters, which is a journey of four characters. Each chapter is build up on letters of a character named “Husn-e-Jahan”.

While talking to OY, Umera Ahmed shared her view about her upcoming novel and audio book “Alif”, “We have tried up with an experiment in Pakistan, as it is going to be the first ever of its kind in Pakistan. In rest of the world audio books are already famous. It will be first time ever that before novel’s inception it will be available in the form of an audio book”.

Expressing her views about the audio book Umera Ahmed shared, “Our expectations are high; we aim to entertain the public through voice. In present time we have a condition that there are many people who cannot read Urdu script, though they can speak and understand. We also have a large fan following in India as well and people there are fond of our dramas. ”

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“Keeping our fans and followers in mind who cannot read Urdu, we have come up with the idea of an audio book”, added Umera.

Sharing advantages of audio books with OY, Umera added, “It is also to facilitate many of the readers like senior citizens and people with some special needs, like those who cannot hold a book or somehow cannot read. They can easily play and listen to audio book and enjoy the literature”.

Talking about one of the reasons behind Alif’s audio book, Umera stressed her views, “The problem is that when we translate literature into another language, it loses its original flavor and essence after being translated into another language. Though Ailf is also being translated in English simultaneously and it will be available soon”.

“It is going to be first ever Pakistani book that will be available in Roman text after its audio version, it is being done, again keeping in mind about the people who cannot read Urdu text”, added Pakistan’s one the most popular author of popular fiction genre, Umera Ahmed.

On asking about her expectations about the book, Umera replied, “What I have in mind is that the readers have high expectations. Every time when you come up with a book it doesn’t matter how established writer you are, every new book is a new challenge for the writer to make up with the reader’s expectations. It’s just like you go for playing a new match, you aim high and try to score high and please your audience”.

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  • Thanks to Share this information infect i love to watch alif drama this is my Favourite Drama and Maybe Novel.

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