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Vote of Confidence: Celebrities Root For PM Imran Khan

Pakistani celebrites are celebrating vote of confidence on social media.


Pakistani celebrities are rooting for PM Imran Khan as he successfully gets the vote of confidence at the National Assembly session on Monday.

The premier needed 172 votes to win the confidence vote and he secured the win with 178 votes.

A number of Pakistani celebs took to social media to express their delight over the development as they have been rooting for the success of PM Imran Khan.

Lollywood actor Shaan Shaid was among many on social media who expressed their gratitude.

@ImranKhanPTI I stand with you as you stand for Pakistan. My vote might not count in the parliament. But my prayers for you & Pakistan will always be heard and counted in the court of the ALMIGHTY. Your success is the success of Pakistan #Pakistanhameshazindabad,” Shaan said.

“Whether you are in power or in opposition, the voice of truth, the voice of the people of Pakistan will always be spoken by you. Some battles lost cannot predict the outcome of the war. May you win the war of truth, honesty, hope, and justice,” Waar actor wrote in his tweet a day earlier.

Salman Ahmed, a former Vital Signs member has been busy lately promoting PTI on his Twitter timeline. After the successful vote of confidence, he congratulated PM Imran Khan in a tweet as well.

Farhan Saeed, actor-singer also took to Twitter to share his views.

“It wasn’t the first time, it won’t be the last. It’s such a difficult road, it’s such a difficult task,” said Suno Chanda star.

“But if there’s anyone, who can do this, it’s you PM. We will do whatever it takes to give our future generations the Pakistan we all dreamt of,”  Farhan added.


“You can disagree with him on certain things but for the first time in my life, I can proudly say that the #PrimeMinisterofPakistan Mr @ImranKhanPTI is not corrupt !! and that’s all that you need for the future of Pakistan,” remarked Gohar Mirza.

“Look at the poor of this country, look at the illiterate. Look out of your damn window and you can see the damage our ‘ex’ leaders have caused us. If you support their stance, you’re a part of the problem. My #VoteOfConfidence is still with @ImranKhanPTI Bless you!,” wrote Anoushey Ashraf.

While Haroon Shahid, Veena Malik, and Omair Rana were also among those who expressed their excitement over PM Khan’s win.

Several cricketers have also expressed their delight over PM Imran Khan’s success.



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