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Why Malala can’t name Israel? Netizens call out human rights activist

A condemnation tweet from the world's youngest Nobel laureate did not include the words Israel and Palestine


Why Malala can’t name Israel in her post condemning the ongoing violence in Palestine? Netizens call out the human rights activist for her recent Tweet.

Tensions ran high in annexed east Jerusalem after hundreds of Palestinians were wounded in a weekend of clashes between protesters and Israeli security forces.

After the recent wave of violence in occupied Palestine, the social media users try to bring it to the attention of world leaders about the suffering of Muslims in the conflict zone.

The use of force by Isreal and unrest in the region has sparked global concerns and many took to social media calling out the Israeli aggression.

However, a condemnation tweet from the world’s youngest Nobel laureate did not include the words Israel and Palestine, which has caused another uproar on social media.

“The violence in Jerusalem – especially against children – is unbearable. This long conflict has cost many children their lives and their futures. Leaders must act immediately – there is no peace when children and civilians are not safe,” Malala tweeted.

And now social media users are trying to educate an Oxford graduate about the proper usage of words and terms.



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