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Woman Who Came Back to Life During Funeral Bath, Passes Away in Karachi

Earlier on Wednesday, resident of Delhi Colony, Rasheeda bibi was wrongly pronounced dead by doctors at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. The 50-year old suddenly resurrected during the funeral bath which caused panic and confusion among family.

Rasheeda was then taken again to Abbasi Shaheed where after being kept on a ventilator for over 12 hours, she passed away early morning on Thursday.

According to the family, Rasheeda who suffered from diabetes was initially taken to the hospital for suffering from a paralytic attack. The Delhi colony resident was then pronounced dead by the duty doctor and moved to Edhi morgue where she came back to life.

Rasheeda passed away at 5 a.m. on Thursday and a new death certificate was issued for the deceased. She was then buried in Mawach Goth hospital.

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