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Woman who misbehaved with traffic police, goes viral again!

A woman who abused and threatened Karachi’s traffic cop after she was stopped by him over ruining traffic rules last year has surfaced again!

In a recent video that appeared on social media on Tuesday, the same woman can be seen involved in an argument with some other lady whose face was not shown in the camera but can be heard in the video engaged in an argument.

The woman, identified as Sana, was standing in a parking lot this time and calls the woman behind the camera a ‘Massi’ (maid) in a derogatory way.

The woman who was subjected to the abuse repeatedly tries to resolve the dispute and tells her to get in her car because there was a child in the car.

She was highly abusive as the woman behind her keep saying that they have recognized her from her past exploits which became mainstream news last year.


It is pertinent to mention here that the woman involved in the argument with another lady also misbehaved with traffic police last year that has drawn public anger.

Not only she broke the traffic rules but after being stopped by the traffic police abused and insulted the on-duty traffic sergeant.

Later, she faced legal action by the traffic police over violation of traffic rules and misbehaving and abusing him.

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