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World Does Not Seem to Realize the Gravity of Kashmir Situation, Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan is currently in the U.S for the United Nations General Assembly session and as the whole world lauded his maiden speech at the assembly, he spilled some further truthful beans in an exclusive interview with CNN.

“I have approached many international leaders here at UNGA. I have told them of the situation, what’s actually going on in Kashmir,” said PM as he spoke to Christiane Amanpour.

“The thing is most of them don’t realize the situation and even those who do, the ufnic fact is that they see India as a market of 1.2 billion people. It’s sad you know, material over humans,” he bluntly spoke the truth.

The Prime Minister added that the sole purpose of visiting the U.S at this point in time – when Pakistan is going through an economic crunch time – is to bring the attention of the world to Kashmir issue.

“What has happened in Kashmir is so alarming, and I realize that the world doesn’t fully understand what’s happening there,” he said.

PM Imran emphasized, “And I fear it only getting worse, I fear a massacre in Kashmir.”

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“There are 11 UN resolutions of UN on Kashmiris right of self-determination, but I feel that the world does not see the gravity of the situation,” he reiterated on his stance from yesterday’s speech.

The Prime Minister also spoke to the CNN of President Trump’s role in solving the Kashmir issue. He maintained that despite Trump’s efforts, Modi is not willing to get mediation in the matter.

“Modi knows that the moment this matter becomes internationalized, the moment global leaders step in […] they will see the kind of human rights violations are being carried out in the Kashmir region, the truth will come out,” said Imran as he denounced Indian PM’s stance on calling Kashmir issue a bilateral issue.

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