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Yasmin Rashid’s 2 alleged audio call leaks surface in a day

Yasmin Rashid in another call allegedly urges President Alvi to intervene amid Zaman Park arrest operation

Yasmin Rashid’s two alleged audio call leaks surface in a day!

In the first alleged audio call leak, purportedly PTI leader Dr Yasmin Rashid can be heard passing a desperate call from PTI Chairman to Brigadier (retd) Ijaz Ahmad Shah following the arrest operation at Zaman Park, that Imran Khan ordered all PTI lawmakers to reach with men and protect him otherwise he will not give them tickets in the next general election.

While later in the day another leaked audio call emerged on social media, purportedly once again featuring Dr Yasmeen Rashid talking to the President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi.

In the alleged audio call leak, Rashid purportedly asked Mr President to talk to someone as the situation is getting out of control and could lead to the deaths of several workers and policemen.

“The party workers have started throwing Molotov cocktails and the situation is very bad. I need you to talk to someone before any bloodshed takes place,” Yasmeen Rashid could be heard in the leaked audio.

As reported by Geo News, Yasmin Rashid has verified her audio conversation.

Rashid said that there was nothing controversial in it.

“I am the party’s president, will I not call on my people?” she asked.

She added that it has been 23 hours and the party workers on the roads are being subjected to violence and shelling.

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