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Avengers Endgame Loses the Battle to Become Highest Grosser

The movie fell-of from the top 10 movies in April and now stands at 17th spot


Marvel superheroes saga Avengers Endgame was expected to beat the record of biggest grosser Avatar, which released in 2010 and till date stands tall at an unbeatable $2.788 billion – an all time high of global box office. Avengers, which has landed at 17th highest grosser spot was expected to shatter Avatar’s record as it smashed some big numbers in the early weeks of its release.

Despite the all time highest opening on box office, Fox Studio’s dream came to an end as Endgame fell short of $46 million and ended its journey at $2.742 billion.


In US, Avengers Endgame clocked in at $830.5 million which is deemed as a pretty hefty amount for any release in comparison of Disney’s release.

It is however notable that Avenger Endgame might have its chance at becoming the number one movie, after its re-released. However, since Disney owns Fox now, it is for Disney to decide if they wish to re-release the movie before Avatar 2 hits the theaters.


Avatar 2 is set to release worldwide by December 2021. For now, Avenger’s final installment stands behind Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

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