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Disappointing PSL 2020 Opening Ceremony Was Organized by Indian Event Planner!

In a rather unfathomable turn of events, which actually turned one of the most anticipated events of Pakistan upside down, an Indian planner was assigned the task to handle PSL 2020 opening ceremony – and boy what a disappointment it was.

What happened at the event was everywhere on social media today however, what went behind is a fact that has just started to reveal.

“An Indian director Shubhra Bhardwaj was paid a fortune by @TheRealPCB for the opening ceremony of #HBLPSL in #Karachi today. We have local ppl to do better stuff than what has been put up. And then you want ur Pakistani talent to stop dying due to lack of work,” tweeted a Twitter user.

This tweet irked every Pakistani on Twitter and many lamented on PCB’s choice of event organizers for such a big moment of the country’s cricket. Some went on to accuse PCB of losing the opportunity of creating a national history of opening ceremonies with yesterday’s event that failed to impress anyone.

“In Pakistan, we’ve better options like Frieha Altaf. then why she …and how?” asked actor Faysal Qureshi in utter dismay on Twitter.

Needless the event has shattered fans hopes who were expecting a much more organized and grand show, suitable for the moment to commemorate international cricket coming home. However, what we are left with disappointment and some memes.

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