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PSL Host VJ Ahmed Godil Suspended From PCB After Controversy

PSL opening ceremony is done and dusted (quite literally) however the aftermath of the event is still making rounds on social media. On one end there are trolls who aren’t letting go of what went wrong at the event and on the other, we see the – suddenly popular – host of the ceremony Ahmed Godil who has become a target of social media’s attention.

However, it seems like things have gone too far as after the television appearance in the attempt to clarify his stance, Godil has been fired by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for making statements to the media. In return, the budding host has once again resorted to social media and lamented over PCB’s decision that cost him his job.

“After all the humiliation I went through and when I needed my organization (PCB) the most, they have withdrawn their support for me,” said Godil in the recently uploaded video.

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“The organization that I have worked hard for, spent hours entertaining the crowd at the cost of my health. The same organization asks me as to why I went to the media to clarify my stance. Why I shouldn’t have? Why was I left to face the trolling and humiliation alone?” he asked.

Godil also stated that while it is being said he’s suspended for making controversial remarks regarding PCB not allowing him to play Ali Zafar’s songs, it is in actual his attempt to bring facts to the surface that cost him his job. He went on to add that apart from everything, he’s being punished for a mistake he didn’t do.

“I was not told I am going live, I wasn’t given a script. Had I been told that I am living, my body language, gestures, and everything would be different. All I knew was that I had to entertain the crowd present in the stadium,” said the host.

He continued, “It was the job of your (PCB) chosen host to do live hosting, not mine. I just tried to save a mishap when I was asked to go on stage and energize the crowd.”

“But now I am being abused, threatened and humiliated, you (PCB) aren’t. Nobody is holding those responsible accountable. I am just told to not come to work from now and that’s it,” lamented Godil who went on to request the nation to support him against this injustice.


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