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PTV Home or PTV is the first Pakistani free-to-air tv channel claimed by the Pakistan Tv Corporation. Its programmed on terrestrial tv varies from that on pay-tv; for this case, terrestrial programming incorporates live telecasts of Pakistan’s cricket matches and other proficient sports, but the membership channel cannot broadcast this substance.

PTV brings back all the 90’s memory with black and white TV screens, antenna issues for clear broadcast, and gathering all the family members so that nobody misses any show because there was no YouTube back then. PTV Home is not just a Pakistani network channel but it’s a feeling and mostly it feels like home.

Some of the classics of the PTV home are; “AADAM HAWA AUR SHAITAN”, “AIK THI MEHROO”, “MIRZA AND SONS”, “AANKH MACHOLI”, “DHOOP KINAREY”, and a lot more.

PTV has made our childhood memories with such classics and I am sure all the 80s kids can relate to this. But the journey is still going and it has a long way to go. Right now on the request of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the most Turkish series “ERTRUGUL GHAZI” is being aired on PTV and has a Massive fan following and TRP.

Oyeyeah has a PTV home drama portal for you where you can find the list of all ongoing PTV dramas with the ratings and reviews so that you know which PTV Home drama is a must-watch. We have all the latest news and updates regarding the ongoing and previous PTV Home dramas. We hope you find it all here!

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