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Achraf Hakimi’s divorce news takes the internet by storm

Hiba Abouk filed for divorce and wanted more than half of the Moroccan footballer's property and fortune.

Footballer Achraf Hakimi’s divorce news takes the internet by storm!

Hiba Abouk filed for divorce from Achraf Hakimi after it was reported that a 24-year-old woman filed a complaint against the Paris Saint-Germain full-back in February.

As reported, the woman accused Hakimi that he had allegedly sexually abused her while the famous actress was away with their children.

It made the headlines as it emerges that Achraf Hakimi’s wife Hiba Abouk filed for divorce and demanded half of his property.

Hiba Abouk was however informed by the court that her “Millionaire’ husband owns nothing as all his property is registered under his mother’s name.

Reportedly, Hakimi receives €1 Million from Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG) monthly but 80% of this is deposited in his mother’s account.

He is one of the highest-paid players in Ligue 1, he receives more than a million euros per month.

Achraf Hakimi is reported to be the sixth highest-paid African footballer, earning over $215,000 per week

However, Hakimi‘s mother is the beneficiary of his salary and wealth and has been receiving his wages in her bank account for several years.

Achraf Hakimi, 24, got married to Hiba Abouk, 36, a well-known Spanish actress, in a private ceremony in 2020. And have two children together.

Hiba Abouk is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million as of 2023 while Hakimi is worth $17 million.

As soon as the details of the Moroccan footballer’s property and fortune became public in wake of the divorce news, netizens are going gaga over it!






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