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Andy Murray Found Solace in Art as He Recovered from Injury

Tennis star finds art to be therapeutic


Two-time Wimbledon Champion and former World No.1 tennis player Andy Murray recently hit a rough patch earlier this year as he suffered from various hip issues. As a result, the tennis star was out of more than a few championships and had to undergo a surgery to fix his issues.


Once in recovery mode, it has now been revealed by Murray himself that he found interest in art.

“While I was out injured I decided to give painting a go one night when I was bored – and from that point I started getting into art,” said Murray in a talk with BBC.

“My wife Kim is a talented artist and paints and has canvasses, oils and acrylics, so one night I gave it a go. So I was just trying to paint something – and my attempts were hilarious,” he added.

“I was trying to flick the paint and use all sorts of techniques but I was getting it on the ceiling, everywhere. It was a disaster, a one-off experiment, and I am happy to hang up my brushes,” shared the 32-year old tennis player.

“But from that point I realised art is something I should appreciate more and I learnt a bit about it, by going to galleries and exhibitions and then chatting to friends about it,” said Murray.

Murray further stated that now he is keen on attending art exhibitions and events where he can indulge in art activities. He stated that his choice might be terrible art for someone as that’s the beauty of art.

“I prefer modern, contemporary art. I like looking at that because it is fun and different,” said the former world No.1

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