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Hamad Rasheed Bin Ghadayer: Understanding animals requires a certain kind of finesse

Hamad Ghedayar is the owner and trainer of many prestigious racing horses and camels from the United Arab Emirates.

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“Horses are the happiest when they clearly understand what you want from them,” says Ty Brazeal from the equine industry. Correctly so, only an elite trainer would know how to make his horse happy. And a happy horse gets you your winning ticket. Hamad Rasheed Bin Ghadayer is a witness to this fact. Being a popular figure in the equestrian industry, he has been training and honing horses for years. He is a champion horse trainer who has trained horses for several championships. His horses have won events all around the globe.

Hamad Ghedayar is the owner and trainer of many prestigious racing horses and camels from the United Arab Emirates. He shares, “Horse and camel racings are an integral part of the Emirati Culture. It’s a practice that honors the Emirati heritage. It’s a matter of pride to be able to train these prestigious horses and camels.” He has seen this tradition while growing up. He felt closer to these animals. Hamad believed he would make an excellent instructor as he was so natural to these animals.

Understanding a horse or a camel requires a certain kind of finesse. The trainer should be well acquainted with basic skills like leading, haltering, picking out hooves, wrapping legs, and cooling the animal. Hamad asserts the trainer should be familiar with the different grooming techniques. In addition to these, you must understand their nutrition, their anatomy, their behavioral patterns, and basic riding methods. It is also crucial that you monitor and supervise the health of the animal constantly. Taking care of the animal and keeping it in good shape promotes your chance of winning a race.

Hamad Ghedayer has established a name for himself in the equestrian world. People know him for his exceptional training skills. His horses have won premier championships including the Dubai World Cup in 2016. Hamad works in close association with the Dubai ruling family. He has trained horses and camels for their racing company. One of his horses, Summerghand, recently won second place in the Wokingham states. On his future plans, Hamad shares, “It is a matter of recognition and extreme pride when the horse or camel you trained wins. This is going to be my life for now. I am solely devoting my time and energy into grooming them for upcoming racing events.”

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