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Indian media goes berserk following humiliating exit from the T20 World Cup

It was Pakistan's black magic that defeated India... 'Bangali Tona,' Indian media report

Indian media went berserk following India’s humiliating exit from the T20 World Cup!

Though there is a ban on the broadcast of Indian channels in Pakistan, through digital media we tend to get the info about what’s being propagated on the channels of the neighboring country.

A new clip of an Indian news channel’s report is now doing rounds on social media that will leave any sane person in fits.

After suffering a humiliating 10-wicket loss to England in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup, we saw massive criticism towards the cricket team from Indian citizens and cricket fans.

However, this Indian channel has new revelations.

It was Pakistan’s black magic that defeated India… ‘Bangali Tona’!

The Indian news channel reported that it was not England that defeated India in the semi-final, but Pakistan, which used black magic and other types of sorceries to disqualify them.

Though win or loss is part of the game, for India’s failure it was because of Pakistan that team India failed to grab even a single wicket from the opposing team.

The news report went on to add that India’s dramatic decline in the points table was apparently Pakistan’s black magic and was the only factor contributing to its collapse in the competition.

The Indian news report is believed to be based on a ‘sarcastic’ tweet from a Pakistani actress providing it as evidence behind the conspiracy theory.

In her tweet, the actress, Sehar Shinwari, said she would cast a black magic spell on the Indian team to help Pakistani qualify for the semi-final.

Check out the mindboggling news report:



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