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Here is why Moeen Ali is “disappointed” with Lahore

Moeen Ali has been “disappointed” with Lahore but due to non-cricket reasons!

English player Moeen Ali, following the conclusion of the T20 series while speaking to the media praised the hospitality he received during his stay in Pakistan.

However, Karachi’s food has won the heart of English player Moeen Ali!

“It was a good series for us as English players performed well throughout the series,” he said.

“Efforts were required for come back in series after losing two matches continuously, though I am happy to see that batters and bowlers accepted the challenge and won the series,” he added.

And speaking of the hospitality he received, Ali also spoke about the food.

“Food wise. I’ve been a little bit disappointed in Lahore. Karachi was nice,” said the English captain.

The English skipper also expressed satisfaction over security arrangements throughout the series.

“The security has been outstanding and much more than we expected. We were looked after very well,” he added.

Karachi vs Lahore food has been a decades-long dispute with both cities claiming to serve the best food.

Ali’s statement about Karachi’s food has left the tweeps engaged in a sort of non-ending debate.



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