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Mountaineer Samina Baig abandons K2 expedition amid health conditions

She was part of the Pakistan-Italy joint women's K2 expedition.

Mountaineer Samina Baig abandoned her K2 expedition amid deteriorating health conditions on Saturday. 

As reported, Pakistani mountaineer Samina Baig suddenly fell ill which forced her to abandon the expedition and return.

Samina had reached the base camp to lead a six-member team comprising Italian and Pakistan climbers as part of platinum jubilee celebrations of the first ascent of K2.

She suffered from breathing problems. 

After a 3-day wait for a heli rescue, her team evacuated her on foot and horseback to Askoli village on Saturday.

Samina was photographed riding a horse as climbers and porters took her to a safe location. 


As reported, her family has requested the Pakistan Army to provide a helicopter for her airlift to Skardu.

On May 19, 2013, Samina made history by becoming the first Pakistani woman to summit Mount Everest.


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