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Mustafa Ali Pinned WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan in SmackDown Main Event.

Maybe a New BabyFace ?


So as the McMahons said they will introduce “NEW FACES” in “New Era”. It turned out to be Mustafa Ali is the first one.  Mustafa Ali was introduced in the main roaster this week, following a loss to Bryan last week. Ali proved that he had what it took to take on the best in WWE. Ali is undoubtedly one of the most athletic wrestlers in WWE something he displayed on SmackDown Live.

There was a tag team match between Cien Almas and Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles and Mustafa Ali In the finish of the match, Styles hit Almas with the Phenomenal Forearm taking him out. This left Ali with the perfect opportunity and he took it. He hit Bryan with the Reverse 450 Splash and pinned the WWE Champion.

Pinning the WWE Champion is no mean feat, and may see Ali’s stock rise with the WWE Universe, while also being given a push on the main roster. Later on Mustafa Ali Pinned Cien Almas fair and recently a live event was held  in Uniondale, NY. Where Mustafa was booked with the Miz. Miz TV opened the show with guest Mustafa Ali. This led to our first match in the end Mustafa Ali pinned The Miz.

Mustafa Ali is getting a huge push which most probably will lead to world title or maybe Mustafa will get the shot on title in Royal Rumble PPV.

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