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Najam Sethi rejects PCB’s expense report, sues board for defamation

The report alleges Sethi spent Rs 70 million during his time at PCB


Accountability has been the buzzword for this new government. So far there has been a lot of blame game via leaks to the media without any substantial gain in reality. The same formula seemingly is being followed by the cricket board as well. Recently, PCB submitted a document outlining the details of expenses laid out under the 2 chairmen appointed by the former government have been doing the rounds on social media. Perhaps what is more disturbing is how Shehreyar Khan’s expenses were put for a year only, while the issuer has tried to target Najam Sethi, by providing selective details. The report alleges that Sethi spent over Rs70 million as PCB chairman.

Therefore it was inevitable that former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Najam Sethi hit back. He took to twitter and reject the report. He claims that this was distortion of facts and figures by new mafia at PCB. He also threatened that such defamation will not go unchallenged.

Sethi has now sued PCB for defamation, stating the chart published on the PCB website was only to damage Sethi’s reputation and hurt sentiments.

PCB so far have not provided any further detail or submitted a reply to Sethi’s lawsuit. It remains to be seen if they will in the near future or this report dies its own natural death only serving the purpose of the current PCB leadership.

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