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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) prepare to launch their own television channel

Pakistan Cricket Board is preparing to launch their own channel according to PCB Chairman Najam Sethi. There has been speculation for a while and now it has been officially confirmed. PCB has already submitted an application to PEMRA for licensing.

This is an interesting idea considering PCB has been unable to cash in on TV rights as much as other Cricketing nations so far. For the longest time, rights are given to Ten Sports. Now, PCB should be able to generate greater revenue from advertising. The modalities have not be been provided to the media so far.

PCB plan to host talk shows and run documentaries about Pakistan Cricket, in a bit to educated the public about Pakistan Cricket’s history and highlight the positive aspects of it. Apart from international cricket, domestic matches as well as Pakistan Super League matches would also be broadcast. PCB is also purchasing air time through open tender to telecast live cricket for 80 days.

It is uncertain if the current PCB chairman, Najam Sethi will be retained by incoming PM, Imran Khan. If there is any change at the top, this plan might be dropped altogether. Fortunes and plans of Pakistan cricket change drastically with every election.

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