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Pakistani mountaineers Naila Kiani and Shehroze Kashif rescued from Mount Annapurna

Pakistani mountaineers Naila Kiani and Shehroze Kashif have been successfully rescued from Mount Annapurna on Tuesday.

A day after climbing Mount Annapurna, both the mountaineers were rescued from the peak which stands at 8,091 metres after their descent was disrupted amid bad weather.

According to Karrar Haidry, secretary of the Alpine Club of Pakistan, “The efforts to rescue the two mountaineers who were stranded on Annapurna at 7000m have been successful.”

“A helicopter was dispatched from Kathmandu to the higher camps of Annapurna, and the climbers have been safely picked up and taken to Annapurna Base Camp. Thank you to all the friends for their support and assistance in this matter,” he said in a brief statement.

Earlier, Indian climbers Anurag Maloo and Baljeet Kaur also went missing and were found successfully.


A day earlier, Naila Kiani became the first Pakistani woman and also the first female mountaineer from any South Asian country to summit Annapurna’s Peak.


Meanwhile, Shehroze is the youngest mountaineer to summit 11 out of the world’s 14, 8,000-metre mountains.

He is now aiming to become the youngest to summit all 14 peaks over 8,000 metres.


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