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Satire: ICC forwards ‘Say No to Corruption’ SMS to players

ICC should check players from head to toe, said an Imran Hashmi impersonator

Satire - ICC forwards ‘Say No to Corruption’ SMS to players

This is a work of satire but, do take it seriously!

After Bangladesh’s top cricketer Shakib al Hasan was found guilty of not reporting corrupt approaches, International Cricket Council decided to take their anti-corruption strategy to the next level and forwarded “Say No to Corruption” SMSs to all active players.

In this regard, they contacted a famous Pakistani anti-corruption crusader and man whose ideal personalities were, are and always will be Emraan Hashmi and Johnny Bravo. The secret agents of the ICC Anti-Corruption Unit and the man himself did a secret press conference with secret journalists at a secret location.

“ICC should check players from head to toe,” said an Imran Hashmi impersonator.

“My head to toe checking along with the “Say No to Corruption” forwards has ended corruption in Pakistan. If the ICC can send a list of all female cricketers and their contact numbers, I will personally ensure that they are not involved in any corruption. My track record proves how deeply I look for any corruption”, the famous playboy added.

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ICC has also acquired the right to the song ‘Say No to Corruption”.

“We will make a new video starring all the players who have been caught before and make them sing ‘Say No to Corruption’ as a reminder to players that they cannot get away with it,” said one secret agent of the ICC Anti-Corruption Unit.

A secret journalist from the audience asked if the better approach wouldn’t be to ban such players for all international cricket rather than giving tokenary punishments.

In response, the ICC Anti-Corruption Unit officials and the playboy started singing and dancing on the tunes of ‘Say No to Corruption’.

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