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Satire: “We Were on a Break”; Wasim Khan Emails Mickey Arthur New Coaching Contract

This is a work of satire but, do take it seriously!  

“It was always Mickey. Deep down in my heart, I knew that Mickey is the one. It just took some Misbah ul Haq & Waqar Younus inflicted disaster to gain a little perspective. We were on a break,” said PCB MD Wasim Khan before laughing nervously.

After Sri Lanka beat Pakistan 3-0, Wasim Khan spoke to the media and revealed that they had always planned to bring back Mickey.

“He made us the best T20 side in the world. Two T20 World Cups are coming up. He had an excellent relationship with captain Sarfaraz, helped developed Fakhar Zaman, Shadab Khan, Babar Azam, Hasan Ali, Shaheen, and others. It would be foolish to replace him at this point. It was a break, we were on a break” said Khan as he nervously swiped his phone to check for any new emails.

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He also revealed that Mickey has not been responding to his messages or his facebook friend request.

“Look, I always thought this was special. That is why I re-added him on Facebook. But he hasn’t accepted my request. I also sent him ‘hey’ many times in the past few hours. I also messaged him “u dere bro?”, “wana hang at Gaddafi stadium”,  “bro???”, “bhai se naraz hai kya”.

Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Signal, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Orkut, Skype, and many other messaging services have been used. But he hasn’t responded. Maybe he doesn’t have the internet, or he is sleeping, or maybe his phone is on-charge or his wife took away his phone as punishment for losing the job. Oh God, what I have done, is this over?” he continued.

“I am sure he will respond soon. Will he? What do you think?” PCB MD asked the journalists in attendance, after calming himself down.

“Come on Mickey, it’s us. I want to tell you a story from years ago when I was backpacking across Western Europe… please come back, Wasim Khan pleaded with tears in his eyes.

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