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Shah Rukh Khan pens heartfelt note on KKR winning third IPL title

The KKR won the title after 10 years.

Shah Rukh Khan pens heartfelt note on Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) winning the third IPL title!

Bollywood superstar and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) owner Shah Rukh took to social media to celebrate his team’s commanding victory in the IPL 2024 final.

In a poetic and lengthy post on the X platform, Shah Rukh expressed his overwhelming pride and admiration for the team’s collaborative spirit and shared vision, which he believes were the reasons for their success.

“To my boys… my team… my champs… ‘these blessed candles of the night’… My Stars…of KKR. I cannot do a lot of things and you cannot do them all either—but together we manage most of them. That’s what @KKRiders stood for. Simply being together,” Shah Rukh wrote.

SRK in his tweet continued with accolades for the KKR’s coaching staff and players, highlighting leadership, dedication, and love that fuelled their journey.

“Beyond the ability and guidance of @GautamGambhir…the earnestness of Chandu, the love of @abhisheknayar1 & leadership of @ShreyasIyer15 … the dedication of @rtendo27, Bharat Arun @1crowey & @Numb3z… this team is built on no hierarchy, just pure respect for collaboration,” he added.

Shah Rukh also echoed a sentiment shared by team mentor Gautam Gambhir, highlighting the importance of unity in achieving their collective goals.

“GG said if you can’t support a single vision as a team… you are leading to a division in the team. Each player understood that. Young and old,” reckoned SRK.

Shah Rukh Khan concluded his tribute with a heartfelt message of love and continued commitment to the fans and players.

“Boys, you are all made of star stuff!! Love you all and don’t let the dancing stop! Also, so happy and thankful for each and every KKR fan and I hope all around the world youngsters learn that tough times don’t last…Finally, tough and happy teams do! Korbo…Lorbo…Jeetbo… Always. See you all at the stadia in 2025,” he concluded. 

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