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Stop feeding the wolves, Sarfraz

The captain could do well by entirely ignoring most retired cricketers


When you are going through hell, keep going they say. But if you are in a hole, stop digging. Even if you can’t do anything else, just give digging a rest. Sarfraz Ahmed is in a similar situation. While, he has scored some runs in the ongoing series against South Africa, the use of racist language, has put in him a hole. Obviously, there will be criticism. There are many ways to legitimate bash Sarfraz for not knowing better. There are obviously others who have a business to run and mouths to feed. So clickbait journalism is rife.

The sure shot way to clickbait nirvana is to get a retired cricket who likes to talk like he is god. Take the latest made up Sarfraz vs Akhtar feud. Shoaib, sometimes bowled like one. The dialogue, Kabi kabi to lagta hai apun hi bhagwan hai rings true for him. But unfortunately, that doesn’t fly as an analyst. So, he uses metaphors and paints a different legacy of his time. He was god for a few games and literally limping in many others. He glosses over the latter, ignores his own past and speaks from the heart (and without a filter).

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Sarfraz on the other hand, comes across as someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously. So, when he speaks out, it does mean he is hurting. The comments he made about Shoaib Akthar were ill advised. It is understandable to a degree. Shoaib flogging Sarfraz when he is down, is perhaps unfair. But Sarfraz as captain should have refrained from making such comments. Perhaps he could do well by entirely ignoring most retired cricketers, be it on social media or TV. He is just providing ammo to the media. How long can they sustain a one sided story with no response. Stop feeding the wolves, captain.

Sarfraz’s achievements are 2nd to none in white ball cricket. This is a fairly strong team, and would compete in the World Cup and if certain things go in their favor, we could see a repeat of Champions Trophy. But Sarfraz and team management would have to ignore distractions. Cricket board would have to back Sarfraz with all its might.


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