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Story of three wasted ODIs

When Yasir Shah bats at number 8, you have gone horribly wrong with your team combination. The commercial consideration have obliged these teams to play 5 matches. From the very top to the players, there seems to be little will to play the matches. Only good explanation would be PCB decided to make sure that captain Malik campaign dies.

The bare minimum one expects his commitment and effort. What we saw yesterday on the field was shambles. This is not team. It’s a bunch of individuals, who lack the belief in their own ability captained by a man who has admitted that the aim of the series is to try new players. The unfortunate thing is, they haven’t even tired any new players.

Rizwan would get the backup batsman spot but is he the right choice?

Over the course of this series we have learnt that Yasir Shah isn’t an ODI bowler, Umer Akmal remains a hit and miss player, Rizwan can play spin, Mohammad Abbas and Shan Masood are unlikely to have long term white ball careers. Amongst all these players, the only one who pressed his case was Shan Masood, with tremendous performances at the Level A cricket.

The only positive sign has been that Hasnain has the capacity to ball at full capacity for 10 overs. Apart from that, we have learned nothing new and that is worst part. Teams experiment to try new combination and players. We have wasted 3 games already and by the looks of it we will be wasting the next 2 as well.

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