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Tendulkar steps in for Arshdeep Singh’s rescue

The statement from the former cricketer didn't sit well with the angered Indian cricket fans!

Tendulkar steps in for ArshdeepTendulkar steps in for Arshdeep Singh's rescue | OyeYeah News

Sachin Tendulkar steps in to rescue Arshdeep Singh.

The young fast pacer is being bashed in India for the dropped catch in the key  Super-4 Asia Cup 2022 match against Pakistan.

Cricket great Sachin Tendulkar called on his countrymen to keep sport “free from personal attacks”.

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“Every athlete representing the country gives their best and plays for the nation always. They need our constant support & remember, that in sports you win some & you lose some. Let’s keep cricket or any other sport free from personal attacks.@arshdeepsinghh keep working hard,” Tendulkar tweeted.
Tendulkar cheering Arshdeep added, “and give the best reply by performing on the field. I am keenly following you. My best wishes.”

Though the statement from the former cricketer Tendulkar, 49, who is from India’s Hindu majority, didn’t sit well with the angered Indian cricket fans!


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