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The impending sense of doom

Henry Nicholls with his girt and Kane Williamson just being Kane Williamson have just about batted Pakistan out of the contest, and from a series win. The number of chances Pakistan have missed over the course of 3 test, this doesn’t come as a surprise. But it could easily be worse. The jittery feeling is back, full time.

New Zealand lead by 198 runs. By rough estimate, they probably will not declare for another 70 to 80 runs. Given the injury to Hasan Ali and ineffectiveness of his spin pairing, Sarfraz wouldn’t take the new ball in the morning either. Run scoring will not be easy by any stretch. Pakistan went defensive, in the last session. They would continue with the strategy tomorrow.

Given how easily the two batsmen dealt with everything Pakistan threw at time, it wouldn’t be a shock to see New Zealand aim for even more. That would give Pakistan around 2 sessions or little under to bat out. That would be the question. Which Pakistan would turn up? The 1st from a week or so ago or the Magrib chase Pakistan? The 4th innings curse could very well set to continue. Whenever, there even a small chase, it feels like a herculean task. It’s like the impending sense of doom. Can Pakistan avert the curse?



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