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This is Sarfraz’s moment of truth

In continent, the colonial hangover is pretty much ongoing. The coffee that we need to smell, hasn’t been ordered yet. This isn’t taught in school. In fact, many of our educational institutes give life such culture. Our films, stage plays, dramas, and songs are rife with overt or subtle racism. It is part of our psyche or language. But thanks to social media and the internet, there are avenues for everyone to learn and get better. If you don’t and land in trouble even because of unintended and casual racism, the onus lays on you. And in this case, by you, I mean Sarfraz Ahmed.

As the captain of the cricket team, I love how he wears his heart on his sleeve. Clearly, there is no better candidate to lead Pakistan in the World Cup. Under pressure, this is how we Karachites talk, a 100 words per second. A lot of criticism for Sarfraz comes from agenda driven individuals. He has done the best he could for the team in its current situation.

Yes, Kohli says abhorrent things, there is doubt that over the years Australians have used foul and horrific language in the name of mental disintegration. But this beyond cricket, beyond any World Cup. It’s any being a responsible human being. If it was a joke, it is unacceptable. Those who known him for personally when started playing cricket in the gullies of Karachi promise that he is not a racist. But even if someone isn’t a racist he or she can make a racist comment.

If the whole of sub-continent uses this language, then this is an opportunity for Sarfraz to use this occasion to tell everything, this is simply unacceptable. I am no expert in race relations so perhaps it is not my place to make suggestions. But maybe just maybe the decent thing to do would make an unqualified & categorical apology to Andile Phehlukwayo in written and in person. Some may not like a public spectacle of it but since Sarfraz said it live which millions head, maybe a public apology is required. He should also apologize to the public for making a very competitive series sour for many.

Sarfraz has shown in the past that his ego is not too big by promoting his teammates and helping them improve. This is an opportunity for him to make an example and do the right thing. Apologize and take whatever punishment comes his way and be a better human being. I have some sympathy for Sarfraz having come from the same name calling culture, but it is just not acceptable!

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