Apple release date and rumors we have so far

Apple has started to send the invites for an event scheduled for Sept 12 at Steve Jobs Theater, California. The invite does not only speak about the iPhone but there’s more. In this event they will release 3 iPhones, iPads, iWatch and iOS 12 (that’s what we heard).

The 3 iPhones (same model different variant) will feature a similar design like last year. The changes are as follow. This will be a cheaper iPhone with 1 camera and LCD screen and will be called iPhone 9. The others will be as same as last year’s iPhone X with slight changes and will be called iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus.

The Screen Size of the cheaper iPhone 9 will be 6.1 inches and iPhone XS 5.8 Inches and Plus variant 6.5 Inches.

So are you guys excited for the new iPhone? Comment below and Let us know what you think.


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