Chiragh Baloch; A tech- genius rising to new levels of success

Chiragh Baloch, a tech-genius from Balochistan is rising to the ranks of success through his projects. His IT-projects Baloch Host, Baloch Tech, and other software applications catering to his community.

Chiragh and his team at Baloch Host developed ‘Balochi Stickers’ for Baloch people, giving them a platform to represent Baloch culture on WhatsApp.

The app has over 10 thousand downloads with more than 660 reviews, all of which holding positive views of people. ‘Balochi Stickers’ provides both male and female-centered stickers, with lingo commonly used by Balochi people.

Baloch Tech is another successful project of Chiragh’s. It serves as a web-developing service provider website, offering websites, mobile applications and software options to the visitors.

Currently, their successful works include creating the website for Kaifi Khalil, an up and coming musician from Balochistan. Baloch Tech serves as the base for all of Chiragh’s tech endeavors including Baloch Host and VshGap, a typical messenger app with free voice and video calling option.

He held Baloch Tech Vision at Sindh Boys Scout Association in Karachi, giving Baloch IT students with a platform to showcase their talents. Many personalities including District Chairman Gwadar, RJ Ana Baloch, and famous Balochi poet Ishaq Kamosh were present.

Chiragh Baloch is currently aiming to pursue his Ph.D. from America to expand his ambition and tech-entrepreneurship.

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