Dawlance collaborates with NiFT to offer ePay solution to ease online purchases

NIFT ePay allows Dawlance to utilize the aggregation of different digital payment instruments and methods available in Pakistan

ePay solutionMr. Haider Wahab, (CEO of NiFT) & Mr. Umar Ahsan Khan (CEO of Dawlance) was signed the agreement - OyeYeah News

Dawlance has entered into an agreement with National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NiFT), to feature “NiFT ePay” Gateway, enabling customers to make Electronic & Mobile payments, while purchasing innovative products through Dawlance’s Online platform. Since NiFT is one of the largest Digital-Payment processors in Pakistan, operating a highly-secured ‘Digital Financial Services’ (DFS) platform, this collaboration will create great convenience for the consumers.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Haider Wahab, CEO of NiFT and Mr. Umar Ahsan Khan – CEO of Dawlance, whereby NiFT ePay has established an interoperable and secure digital commerce payments platform, which works with any bank-account or wallet in Pakistan. This provides an opportunity to the customers of Dawlance to conduct e-commerce payments directly through their bank accounts or Wallets, in addition to the existing card-based transactions. The solution will drive the nation towards digital-transactions, which are particularly beneficial for public-health during the current pandemic situation.

NIFT ePay allows Dawlance to utilize the aggregation of different digital payment instruments and methods available in Pakistan that consumers can use to pay for their e-commerce purchases digitally, securely and conveniently. This enables the millions of banked customers, not carrying any digital channels to be able to make payments to Dawlance for purchase of their products. NIFT ePay also has the capability to carry key information of the purchase in the financial transaction, thus enabling reconciliation of the payments and invoices against the purchase in real-time.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Umar Ahsan Khan said: “As the leading producer of innovative home-appliances in Pakistan – Dawlance is strategically fostering eCommerce and would like to thank NiFT for providing us a solution that meets all our requirements. This endeavor promises to be a major milestone towards achieving that broader objective. I would also like to thank the general-public for giving an overwhelming response to this initiative. The availability and delivery of our products through its digital initiative has greatly expanded our company’s out-reach, even in the rural and remote regions of Pakistan.

The CEO of NIFT – Mr. Haider Wahab said on the occasion; “We are very excited to have Dawlance live on the NIFT’s ePayment Gateway today. Enabling eCommerce services of such pioneering large scale manufacturers like Dawlance is one of NIFT ePay’s key objectives with online digital payments purchase of goods. We are enabling many different applications of this solution, across various industries, as we enrich it with additional features and functions, for continued success and sustainable growth.”

Over the years, Dawlance has focused on creating more comfort and convenience for the customers, by expanding its accessibility and digital presence, so the consumer can buy the best quality of appliances, without the need to physically visit any sales outlet.

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