Facebook facing massive glitch, users report bizarre posts start appearing in feeds

People are having trouble with their Facebook feed

Facebook facing glitchFacebook facing massive glitch | OyeYeah News

Facebook facing a massive glitch as bizarre posts start appearing in feeds!

As reported, Facebook users who logged onto the site on Wednesday morning just saw a flood of posts from strangers, which had been originally posted on the pages of celebrities.

The scale of the glitch is reported to be enormous because it’s affecting some of Facebook’s most-followed accounts.

That includes the pages of Cristiano Ronaldo, which has 152 million followers, Shakira, which has 116 million, and Rihanna, which has 101 million.


The issue appeared to have been generated from a technical problem with the system that automatically decides what posts will show up on the news feed.

Reportedly, FB users have started spamming celebrity accounts with posts and memes, adding more to the chaos.

While some opportunistic users started to post QR codes to their PayPal and Cash App accounts or plug their businesses and Spotify accounts.

Though there is no evidence or official confirmation that the issue is the result of a hack.

It could be a glitch after Facebook made changes to its algorithm.

Following the reports of facing glitches, the hashtag #facebookhacked is trending on the Twitter timeline with many sharing their experiences.


Well, the meme brigade can never be left behind!




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