Free Fire OB34 Craftland Mode – A Treat for Gamers!

Don't forget to update your Free Fire version to OB34 on 25/5, where many exciting updates await you!

Free Fire OB34 Craftland ModeFree Fire OB34 Craftland Mode | OyeYeah News

In its latest version OB34, Free Fire has included a number of new incremental adjustments, the most interesting of which being the addition of Craftland mode. This has added a sandbox element to the game, and if used to its greatest capacity, can provide some serious training. This game mode may be found in Free Fire OB34 next to the training tab. You can create your own custom maps and play them with your pals in Craftland mode. It’s essentially a bespoke game that follows a logical path.

As a player, you can create your map using the materials provided in the game. Except for real estate, there is no actual limit to how far you can take Craft land mode. This mode is only available in Free Fire OB34, and prior versions of the game will not be able to play it. It’s also worth noting that the Creation Workshop card is required to play Craftland mode. You can now construct your own unique maps using the Creation Workshop card, but you’ll still need a custom room card to play with your pals. In essence, there are levels in this game style, as well as several options.

According to customer feedback, Free Fire has added some exciting new features to the game, including the Craftland mode, which will astound gamers like never before. In the Craftland mode, players can now create their own unique maps and play more games in-house. With this new upgrade, Free Fire has elevated the game experience to new heights. Free Fire also pledges to provide its customers with the finest gaming experience possible and to release interesting updates that will undoubtedly make Free Fire the talk of the town among gamers.

With the equipment available in Free Fire OB34, you can enhance a variety of talents, but Craftland mode is different. You may actually improve specific talents here, such as how to take down a squad holed up in a specific style of structure. A hyper-realistic scenario can be replicated in a controlled environment. These types of training routines can help you significantly enhance your game. Another thing you may work on as a squad is how to use your character skills. If you’re serious about improving your ranking, you can utilize this game mode to practice a variety of skills. Squad formations based on character skills are an option.

Update your free Fire App immediately to enjoy these interesting updates and learn new things for yourself. So, what exactly are you waiting for?

Updates of Craftland:

Zombies in Craftland has some updates for you:

The Zombie Generator:

  • The number of zombies generated each time
  • The total of waves that can be generated
  • The time interval between each wave of zombie generation

 Path generator:

You can now customize the movement behavior of zombies

 Towers & Bases have been updated:

Towers and bases are destructible objects:

  • That has the function of self-seeking enemy attacks.
  • Customizable parameters for towers have been introduced.

There’s an all New Map in Craftland:

  • The map will be smaller than the island map
  • Maps can be switched before applying any objects to the map

This time the All Edit Function of Craftland will be available in Free Fire in OB34, and not just Free Fire Max like in previous updates, meaning everyone will be able to experience & enjoy Craftland mode.

New Characters, Pets & Weapons:

OB34 is bringing us a new character (Homer), a new Weapon (M24), new pets, and ultimately more choices for gamers.

Don’t forget to update your Free Fire version to OB34 on 25/5, where many exciting updates await you!

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